And to Think of a Photograph

And to think of a photograph and think of sensitivity and think of William Gedney and think of Emmet Gowin and to hear William saying photography and poetry are very close to capture in a single frame visual forms organized to the point where neither more or less are needed and until it becomes an obsession, until i run to the window to peek out between the blinds to wait for some attractive person to walk by, to watch, to desire and not to have.




And to think of a photograph as a broken beat and a hangover, a craniotomy waiting in line and you can’t copy, the simple strict order of objects give a beauty that no decorated home can ever have, the arrangement becomes the inner need and to hear Emmet saying there are things in your life that you only will see, stories that you only will hear, if you don’t count or write them, unless you do the picture, these things will not be seen or heard and i don’t know what you have seen but you haven’t seen the private pictures.



Nancy and Dwayne, Danville, Virginia, 1970

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