Notable New Acquisitions of 2013


Vitturi, Lorenzo, and Sam Berkson. Dalston Anatomy. London: Jibijana and SPBH editions, 2013.

For Dalston Anatomy, Lorenzo Vitturi  embedded in London’s Ridley Road Market making sculptures and collages with materials he found in the marketplace’s debris. The work mimics the makeshift nature of the market itself. Dalston Anatomy, the monograph, depicting this work, is bound in Vlisco fabrics in bright patterns echoing the African markets and includes a poem by Sam Berkson that combines voices from the market, giving a sense of its chaotic atmosphere.


Jacobson, Jeff. The Last Roll. United States: Daylight Books, 2013.

Jeff Jacobson’s lymphoma diagnosis was coupled with Kodak’s announcement to discontinue his lifelong stock of choice, Kodachrome. The artist responded by filling his refrigerator with Kodachrome and shot through his recovery, for the next six years, until he had depleted his stock completely. The Last Roll, is a comillation of this work; a broad meditation on mortality.


Jones, William E, and Allegra Pesenti. Imitation of Christ. London: MACK, 2013.

William E. Jones was asked to take part in the Houseguest series where artists curates an exhibition based on the The Hammer Museum’s collection. Jones chose forty five pieces challenging our image of Christ. MACK published Imitation of Christ to coincide with and further illuminate this selection.


Graf, Bryan. Wildlife Analysis. Jersey City: Conveyor, 2013.

In Wildlife Analysis Bryan Graf uses a two-track system (black & white photographs mixed with the direct contact of ambient light flooded onto color film) to re-imagine the Meadowlands.  Each book has a random and unique sequence, both mirroring the chance-based nature of Graf’s process and subverting the notion of the photobook.


Williams, Jennette. The Wet Class, 1995-1998. New York, N.Y: J. Williams, 1998.

The Wet Class is Jennette Willimas’ collection of black & white portraits of the vital older women that made up the 11:00 am swimming class in the artist’s neighborhood fitness club. The beautifully rendered images in this modest, staple-bound artist’s book offer a sublime and sensuous look at a close group of aging ladies. While this publication is not new to 2013, it is a lovely new addition to the Library.

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