Teeny Academy

Saturday March 9th, the ICP Library and the ICP Store hosted “Teeny Academy”, our story time for young photobibliomaniacs. This time teeny readers were treated to the debut of Rachel Hulin’s new book Flying Henry, read by the artist and author Rachel Hulin with a book signing afterward.

Rachel Hulin

Flying Henry is a children’s photobook that follows the story of a baby, Hulin’s son Henry, who gains the ability to fly. Henry flies through his home and out into unfamiliar places, embarking on great adventures. Rachel Hulin excellent photographic and graphics editing skills allowed her to render realistic looking portraits of her baby in flight, engendering teeny readers with a palpable sense of wonder and excitement.

Flying Henry

Our smaller patrons were also regaled by Alex Nathanson, who screened his stop-motion animations. The short film, Anchorage, in particular had teenies and their parents squealing with delight. I am so happy to be a part of story time and I believe, as usual, a good time was had by all.



Many, many thanks to Kate Cunningham and the ICP Store!



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