10×10 American Photobooks Seeks Funding for its Publication

10x10 American Photobooks

We need your help to fund the 10×10 American Photobooks publication – support the campaign by clicking this link.

10×10 is going to Tokyo in 2013!

10×10 is taking 100 contemporary American photobooks to Tokyo this year and we need to create a catalogue. We’re looking for backers to help fund the publication production – an experimental and creative project in its own right.

What’s 10×10 American Photobooks? 

Ten specialists from the photobook community are each selecting 10 contemporary American photobooks they consider to be influential. These 100 books will be displayed in the 10×10 American Photobooks exhibit at the Tokyo Institute of Photography for a 4-week run in September 2013. The 10×10 project makes photobooks accessible to the international bibliographic community and builds upon the success of the first 10×10 event, which exhibited Japanese post-war photobooks in NYC in 2012.

Can’t get to Tokyo?

You don’t have to! That’s why we’re producing a catalogue in collaboration with bookdummypress. The publication is a way for you to experience the entire 10×10 project, even if you can’t jet over to Tokyo to see it. The stylish and inventive Japanese manga design-inspired edition will be released with the opening of the September 2013 Tokyo reading room. The bilingual Japanese-English publication will present illustrated selection lists from all the specialists, along with essays (not previously published) on American photobook culture by noted artists, writers, publishers, curators and bibliophiles. The 10×10 American Photobooks catalogue will provide the full 10×10 experience. Support our publication, and spread the photobook love to all our community!

Here are the specialists selecting the books for the reading room:

1. Shannon Michael Cane / Printed Matter
2. Lindsey Castillo, Rebecca O’Keefe, and Grant Willing / The Camera Club of New York
3. Bruno Ceschel / Self Publish, Be Happy
4. Christina Labey / Conveyor Arts
5. Larissa Leclair / Indie Photobook Library
6. Leigh Ledare / Photographer
7. Harper Levine and John Gossage / Harper’s Books and Loosestrife Editions
8. David Senior / Museum of Modern Art Library Bibliographer
9. David Solo / Photobook Collector
10. Alec Soth and Brad Zellar / Little Brown Mushroom

Thank you for your support… Don’t be stingy!

The 10×10 American Photobooks Team

Matthew Carson
, Ihiro Hayami, 
Russet Lederman and 
Olga Yatskevich

Shiori Kawasaki and 
Victor Sira
(Publishers and book designers / bookdummypress)

Mathieu Asselin and Jeff Gutterman
(Multimedia, technical and editorial support)

The project is sponsored by the International Center of Photography Library, the Tokyo Institute of Photography, and the Photobook Facebook Group.

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