We passed upon the stair. . .

ICP Staff Photograph from 1981 or 1982 . Taken upon the staircase of the Willard D. Straight House (1130 Fifth Avenue, at East 94th Street on the northeast corner).



Staff Atlas from the 1981 image

  1. John Abrams, Technical Assistant
  2. Gideon deMargitay, Planning Consultant
  3. Keith Spradlin, Bookkeeper
  4. ??
  5. ??
  6. Bedrich Grunzweig, Administrative Associate (volunteer)
  7. Anne White, Associate Director of Education, then Acting Director of Education
  8. ??
  9. Ruth Lester, Curatorial Associate/Portfolio Review
  10. Sara Jelley, Development Assistant
  11. Lee Sievan, Librarian
  12. ??
  13. Bobbie Duke, Coordinator, Museum Education
  14. Art Presson, Chief Preparator and Building Manager, then Production Manager
  15. Stanley Lichens, Darkroom Associate
  16. Joseph Shaedler, Audio-Visual Coordinator
  17. Lois Guarino, Education Assistant
  18. Anna Winand, Executive Assistant
  19. Cornell Capa, Executive Director
  20. Barbara Burack, Development Coordinator, then Development Associate
  21. ??
  22. Beatrice Helg, past employee (Traveling Exhibitions Assistant)
  23. Adrianna Skaab-Ewing, freelance designer
  24. (picture) William A. Ewing (Bill), Director of Exhibitions
  25. Steve Rooney, Associate Director of Exhibitions, then Acting Director of Finance and Administration
  26. Andrea Sokerka, Education Associate
  27. Daniel Kaimierski, Special Projects Coordinator
  28. Catherine McCaskill, Shop Assistant
  29. Margaret Nebbia, Shop Assistant
  30. Judith Gutman, guest curator
  31. Richard Lee, Receptionist, then Reception/Security Coordinator
  32. Marcia Hoffman, Education Assistant, then Education Associate
  33. David Spear, Darkroom Coordinator
  34. Edna Ghertler, Museum Shop Manager, then Director of Museum Shop
  35. Ruth Silverman, Associate Curator

If the person has two job titles, the first was from 1981, the second 1982.  The ICP library would like to thank no.25 for all his help in identifying the folks in the photograph. Please contact us if you are able to fill in the missing numbers/names and/or you feel a correction is necessary. We totally appreciate all the help you can provide in understanding the institutional narrative of the ICP.



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