10×10 Reading Room (Day 7): Tomoka Aya / The Third Gallery Aya

10x10 Japanese Photobooks

10×10 Japanese Photobooks

As part of 10×10 Japanese Photobooks, a pop-up reading room of 100 Japanese photobooks at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios from September 28-30, 2012 and an online resource space at Photo(o)lia, Monsters & Madonnas features one 10×10 reading room specialist per day. Reading room and online contributors have each been asked to suggest 10 Japanese photobooks for a total of 100 photobooks in the reading room and an additional 100 books online: 10×10 (x2). Join the discussion on 10×10 Japanese photobooks here.

10×10 Reading Room
Day #7. Tomoka Aya / The Third Gallery Aya

About Tomoka Aya‘s Selection for the 10×10 Reading Room:
Founded in 1996 in Osaka, my gallery specializes in photography and contemporary art by Japanese artists, with an emphasis on the Osaka region. The ten photobooks I selected are informed by my curatorial activities and recent interests.  In the selection process, I tried to create a balance between gender (with five women and five men), emerging and established, famous and not-so-famous. One of the books I selected is an e-book, which is a newly emerging format for the photobook.

Tomoka Aya’s 10×10 Reading Room Selection:

Miyako Ishiuchi, 1・9・4・7 (Tokyo: IPC, 1990)
Kiyoshi Suzuki, Soul and Soul: 1969-1999 (Groningen, The Netherlands: Noorderlicht, 2008)
Toshiko Okanoue, Drop of Dreams (Tucson, AZ: Nazraeli Press, 2002)
Jun Abe, Citizen (Osaka: Vacuum Press, 2009)
Toshiya Murakoshi, Raining (Tokyo: Sokyu sha, 2006)
Shigeo Gocho, Self and Others (Tokyo: Miraisha, 1994)
Keiko Nomura, Soul Blue (Tokyo: Silverbooks, Takashi Okimoto, 2012)
Seiichi Furuya, Memoires. 1984- 1987 (Tokyo: Nohara Co. Ltd, 2010)
Yoshiko Kamikura, Tamamono (Tokyo: Chikuma- shobo, 2002)
Yuko Tada, Strolling in Between: Deer and People on Wakakusayama Hill (Kindle digital book, 2012)

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Tomoka Aya is the director and owner of The Third Gallery Aya.  Before establishing her gallery, Aya worked for the nonprofit organization, Osaka International Center of Photography, which was later renamed the Takarazuka Media Library.  Aya currently lectures at the Takarazuka Media Library and the Japan Institute of Photography and Film.
Website: http://www.thethirdgalleryaya.com/en/

To see these books in person, please visit the 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room
September 28-30,  3 to 9pm
Opening: Friday, September 28 from 7-9pm

ICP Bard MFA Studio
24-20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City
(Runs concurrently with the New York Art Book Fair and is located across the street from MoMA PS1.)

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The Photo(o)lia blog features daily selections from 10×10 Online.
Day #7. Microcord

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