10×10 Reading Room (Day #3): Dan Abbe and Andrew Thorn / PH

10x10 Japanese Photobooks

10×10 Japanese Photobooks

As part of 10×10 Japanese Photobooks, a pop-up reading room of 100 Japanese photobooks at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios from September 28-30, 2012 and an online resource space at Photo(o)lia, Monsters & Madonnas features one 10×10 reading room specialist per day. Reading room and online contributors have each been asked to suggest 10 Japanese photobooks for a total of 100 photobooks in the reading room and an additional 100 books online: 10×10 (x2). Join the discussion on 10×10 Japanese photobooks here.

10×10 Reading Room
Day #3. Dan Abbe and Andrew Thorn / PH

About PH’s Selection for the 10×10 Reading Room:
We have made a representative selection of books that are currently available in our online catalog. Many of these books are self-published, but that’s not a rule; we tend to pick photographers who aren’t yet well-established. We really like Araki too, but we want to give new names a push.

PH’s 10×10 Reading Room Selection:

Go Itami, Mazime 4 (Tokyo: Self-Published, 2012)
Tatsuya Shimohira, Matsuri (Tokyo: Zen Foto Gallery, 2010)
Yuhki Touyama, Line13 (Tokyo: Akaaka-sha, 2008)
Emi Fukuyama, The Moon, Following Me (Tokyo: Tosei-sha, 2011)
Patrick Tsai, Modern Times (Tokyo: Nanarokusha, 2012)
Daisuke Yokota, Back Yard (Tokyo: Self-Published, 2012)
Seiji Kumagai, Each Little Thing #01 (Tokyo: Self- Published, 2011)
Fumimasa Hosokawa, Hello, the 21st Century: Anonymous Scapes (Tokyo: Heisei Photo Press, 2002)
Shinya Arimoto, Ariphoto Selection vol 2 (Tokyo: Self- Published, 2011)
Hiroshi Takizawa, A Rock of the Moon (Tokyo: Self-Published, 2011)

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PH (Andrew Thorn and Dan Abbe) supports emerging Japanese photography. Andrew and Dan hope to bring Japanese photographers into wider contact with foreign audiences, by distributing books and zines that would be otherwise difficult to acquire outside of Japan. They also hold English language workshops in Tokyo to assist Japanese photographers.
Website: http://thephts.com/

To see these books in person, please visit the 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room
September 28-30,  3 to 9pm
Opening: Friday, September 28 from 7-9pm

ICP Bard MFA Studio
24-20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City
(Runs concurrently with the New York Art Book Fair and is located across the street from MoMA PS1.)

Click here for a complete list of all 10 Reading Room Specialists

The Photo(o)lia blog features daily selections from 10×10 Online.
Day #3. Rémi Coignet and Nina Poppe / Des Livres et des photos

About Russet Lederman

Russet Lederman is a media artist, writer and photobook collector who lives in New York City. She teaches art writing at the School of Visual Arts in New York and writes on photobooks for print and online journals, including Foam, The Eyes, IMA, Aperture and the International Center of Photography’s library blog. She is a co-founder of the 10x10 Photobooks project, lectures internationally on photobooks, and has received awards and grants from Prix Ars Electronica and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
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