10X10 Reading Room (Day #1): Ferdinand Brueggemann / Galerie Priska Pasquer

10x10 Japanese Photobooks

10×10 Japanese Photobooks

As part of 10×10 Japanese Photobooks, a pop-up reading room of 100 Japanese photobooks at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios from September 28-30, 2012 and an online resource space at Photo(o)lia, Monsters & Madonnas features one 10×10 reading room specialist per day. Reading room and online contributors have each been asked to suggest 10 Japanese photobooks for a total of 100 photobooks in the reading room and an additional 100 books online: 10×10 (x2). Join the discussion on 10×10 Japanese photobooks here.

10×10 Reading Room
Day #1. Ferdinand Brueggemann / Galerie Priska Pasquer

About Ferdinand Brueggemann’s Selection for the 10×10 Reading Room:
Japanese photographers like Araki, Miyako Ishiuchi and Issei Suda have developed distinct ways to depict private life and address identity as they capture the ephemerality of their surroundings. As a prominent area of exploration since the mid-1990s, individual photographers have employed a variety of approaches, often focusing on the emotional (Araki), poetic (Rinko Kawauchi), sociological (George Hachiguchi), cool and descriptive (Masafumi Sanai), excessive (Mika Ninagawa), conceptual (Tomoko Sawada), and playful (Ume Kayo).

Ferdinand Brueggemann’s 10×10 Reading Room Selection:

Mika Ninagawa, Liquid Dreams (Tokyo: Editions Treville, 2003)
Miyako Ishiuchi, Mother’s (Tokyo: Sokyu sha, 2002)
Rinko Kawauchi, Illuminance (New York: Aperture, 2011)
Masafumi Sanai, Eva Nos (Self- published, 2009)
Issei Suda, The Work of a Lifetime: Photographs 1968 – 2006 (Berlin: Only Photography, 2012)
Ume Kayo, Ume-ume /Ume’s Eye (Tokyo: Little More, 2006)
Tomoko Sawada, Omiai (Tokyo: Seigensha, 2005)
Araki, Sentimental Journey / Senchimentaru na tabi. Fuyu no Tabi (Tokyo : [s.n.], c1991)
George Hashiguchi, Couple (Tokyo: Sangyo Henshu Center, reprint 2007)
Araki, Chiro My Love (Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1991)

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Ferdinand Brueggemann, an art historian specializing in Japanese photography, is the director of Galerie Priska Pasquer in Cologne. He has worked at the Photographic Collection Museum Folkwang in Essen, and was a research fellow at the German Institute for Japanese Studies in Tokyo. Brueggemann regularly curates exhibitions, presents lectures and contributes writings on Japanese photographers, including Rinko Kawauchi, Lieko Shiga, Asako Narahashi, Daido Moriyama, Yutaka Takanashi, and Shomei Tomatsu.
Website: http://www.priskapasquer.de
Blog: http://japan-photo.info

To see these books in person, please visit the 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room
September 28-30,  3 to 9pm
Opening: Friday, September 28 from 7-9pm

ICP Bard MFA Studio
24-20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City
(Runs concurrently with the New York Art Book Fair and is located across the street from MoMA PS1.)

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The Photo(o)lia blog features daily selections from 10×10 Online.
Day #1.  Marco Bohr / Visual Culture Blog

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