Painted Photographs of India

Painted Photographs : Coloured Portraiture in India / The Alkazi collection of photography
TR103 .P35 2008

Publication produced in conjunction with the exhibition held in September 2008 at The Brunei Gallery, SOAS (University of London), Painted Photographs: Colored Portraiture in India from the Alkazi Collection of Photography.

This is great summer reading. A presentation of an Indian Photographic form which emerged at the end of the 19th century from a culture already grounded in the tradition of vibrantly coloured fresco paintings and sharply colored Mughal miniature paintings. This is a book that explores the embellished photographic images of India.

Fabulous portraits of Indian rulers from the period of the British Raj (1860’s to the 1930’s) with setting so rich and theatrical that there is an overwhelming feeling of luxury and opulence. Textiles, embroidery and jewelry pop up of the page in these dream-like and surreal portraits.

But the real delight is that these images are accompanied by the forceful academic texts of Rahaab Allana and Pramod Kumar K.G.

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