One Sunday Afternoon

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This spring the two ICP Teen Academy sections of Photo II in Black-and-White: Developing a Narrative spent a Sunday afternoon at the ICP Library preparing for their final productions, which were to be photobooks!

The instructors, Lesly Deschler-Canossi and Jaime Schlesinger, brought their remarkable book-makers in on a day the library is normally closed, and we made a presentation of various narrative books using a digital overhead projector called Elmo.

Next, we walked them through some searching strategies for how to find narrative photobooks in our catalog and in others, as well.

Afterwards the group had time after to fan out and discover new wonders from the library’s 22,000 volumes. They were really excited to have the place to themselves, and were really inspired, which is one of the main things our library was designed to do.

The grand finale was some weeks later, when the students presented THEIR narrative photobooks! Remarkable!

Above is a slide show to give you a glimpse of these fine books.

Teen Academy fall registration is now open for our ten-week classes and our yearlong intensive Imagemakers program! Detailed program information can be found HERE.

The Artists in the slideshow, above:

Fitzwilliam Anderson

Mia Antezzo

Amanda Ardito

Micaela Beigel

Nikolaus Bohlen

Suzanne Burns

Ivy Blackshire

Jasmin Chabla

Crystelle Colucci

Luca Eisen

Roger Freeman

Olivia Fuller

Gillian Garfinkle

Kimberly Iboy

Emily Irgang

Sydney Kapelus

Hannah Kates

Lyle Kokiko

Hanah Kolitz

Lucy Murphy

Tasha Naula

Maddy Reid

Sultan Seba-Summer

Michael Suchmann

Marcus Todd

Ethan Weglan

Najah Williams

Ethan Weglen. Untitled.
Sultana Seban-Summer. Soda Fountain.
Kimberly Iboy. Yo Soy Madre.
Crystelle Colucci. What the Grown-Ups Don’t See.
Ivy Blackshire. Skin.
Micaela Beigel. LGBTQ Youth.

Here is a list of the books perused during their visit:

Baer, Edith. The wonder of hands. Photos. by Tana Hoban. New York : Parents’ Magazine Press, [1970]. [47] p., 27 cm. TR681.C5 H63 1970

Baum, Erica. Dog Ear. Essays by Kenneth Goldsmith and Beatrice Gross. 1st ed. New York : Ugly Duckling Presse, ; 2011. 69 p., 22 cm. TR179.5.B381 .D64 2011 Summary Note : Dog Ear explores dog-eared pages of mass-market paperbacks which are photographed to isolate the small diagonally bisected squares or rectangles of text.

Bayan Ko! Kowloon, Hong Kong: Project 28 Days, 1986. 191 p., 32cm. TR820.P6 .B39 1986 Images of the Philippine People Power Revolt.

Bernhard, Ruth. The Big Heart. Text by Melvin Van [San Francisco, Fearon Publishers, c1957]. 77 p., 26 cm. TR715. B472 1957

Bolofo, Koto. Grande Complication/ Grosse Komplikation : Leipziger Buchwerke. Text by Gerhard Steidl. Gottingen : Steidl, 2010. 3 v. (unpaged), 39 cm. Text in English and German. TR655 .B652 2010

Bourke-White, Margaret. Twenty Parachutes. Introduction by Trudy Wilner Stack. [Tuscon AZ]: Nazraeli Press, 2002. 30 p., 25 cm. TR654 .B68 2002 General note: Photographs of parachutes being tested by employees of Irving Air Chute Company in Buffalo, N.Y., at that time the largest manufacturer in the world, taken by Bourke-White for the cover story of the March 22, 1937 issue of LIFE (sequence not published in the article].

The Bullfight; A  Photographic Narrative with text by Norman Mailer. [New York] Distributed by Macmillan [1967]. [30] p., 91 plates,  25 x 26 cm. TR820.5 .B85 1967

Burri, Rene. Lost pony. text by George Mendoza, photos. by Rene Burri. San Francisco : San Francisco Book Co. ; [New York] : distribution by Simon and Schuster, 1976. [109] p. 19 x 28 cm. TR681.C5 .B87 1976

CBS News. 10:56:20 PM EDT, 7/20/69: the historic conquest of the moon as reported to the American people, by CBS News over the CBS Television network. [New York, Columbia Broadcasting System, 1970] 169 p., 29 cm. TR713 .C37 1970

Coplan, Maxwell Frederic. Pink lemonade. Commentary by F. Beverly Kelley. Book designed and edited by Nelson Gruppo. New York & London: Whittlesey House & McGraw Hill [1945]. [139 p.], 30 x 24 cm. TR820.5 .C66 1945

Doll, Elizabeth Ann, My Daddy is a Policeman. Photos by Ron Scalera, introduction by Edward J. Kiernan. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1973], [31] p., 19 x 24 cm. TR820.5 .D65 1973

Eperjesi, Agnes.  Family album. Essay by Agnes Berecz. Budapest : Agnes Eperjesi ; 2006 1 v. 19 x 29 cm. TR179.5 .E63 2006

Flament, Marc. Aucune bete au monde. Texte du colonel Marcel Bigerad. Photos du sergent-chef Marc Flament. Paris: Editions de la Pensee Moderne [c1959] 1 v., 31 cm. Rare TR820.6 .F53 1959

Goodfriend, Arthur. Something is Missing. with a postscript by James A. Michener. 1st ed. New York : Farrar, Straus and Young, c1955. 117, [1] p., 28 cm. TR820.5 .G66 1955

DeCarava, Roy. The Sweet Flypaper of Life. Text by Langston Hughes. Washington, D.C. : Howard University Press, 1984. 112 p., 28 cm. TR820.5.U6 D43 1984

Graham, Paul. A Shimmer of Possibility. Gottingen: SteidlMack, 2007. 12 v., 33cm. Rare TR659.8 .G73 2007 This work consists of 12 volumes printed in a limited edition of 1,000. Volumes: Las Vegas & San Francisco; Washinton and South Broad, New Orleans 2004-2005; Austin, Texas, 2006; California, 2005-2006; New York & North Dakota, 2005; Pittsburgh, 2004; Everett Avenue, Chelsea, Boston, 26th August 2006; Camarro, Louisiana, 2005; New England, 2006; Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New Orleans, 2005-2006; Louisiana, 2005; Texas & North Dakota, 2005.

Greene, Stanley. Black Passport. Compiled by Teun van der Heijden. New York: Aperture Foundation, c2009. 1 v. (unpaged), 22 cm. From the YouTube trailer for this book: “The last photobook made from darkroom prints. The first photobook made through Skype. Reads like a novel. Available in 5 languages.”

Halsman, Philippe. The Frenchman: A Photographic Interview. [New York]: Simon and Schuster [1949]. [24] p., 24cm. TR681 .F3 .H35 1949

Heiferman, Marvin and Carole Kismaric.. My Day: a Tale of Fear, Alienation, and Despair. San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c1993. 1 v., 18 cm. TR679.5 .H45 1993 “The photographs in “My Day” were taken by Niel Frankel in collaboration with Marvin Heiferman and Carole Kismaric …” – colophon

Henle, Fritz. Casals. Garden City, N.Y. : American Photographic Book Pub. Co., c1975. ca. 150 p., 21 cm. TR681.M86 .H45 1975

Heyman, Abigail. Growing up female; A Personal Photojournal. [1st ed.] New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1974]. 1 v., 25 cm. TR681.W6 .H46

Heyman, Ken. Willie. Photos. by Ken Heyman. Words by Michael Mason. [New York] Ridge Press; [distributed by] Atheneum [1963]. [88] p. chiefly illus. : 27 cm. TR681.C5 .H49 1963

Hibi, Yuichi. A Weekend with Mr. Frank. Tuscon AZ: Nazraeli Press, 2006. 1 v. (unpaged), 19 cm. Nazraeli One Picture Books No. 35. Rare TR655 .H53 2006

Josephson, Kenneth. The Bread Book. United States: s.n., 1973. [18] p., 15 X 20 cm. TR179.5 .J67 1973

Jury, Mark and Dan. Gramp. Narrative text by Mark Jury, and family photos by Florence C. Tugend. New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976. Viii, 152 p., 22cm. TR681 .T47 .J87 1976

Knoepfle, John. Our street feels good; poems for children. Photos. by Bonnie Unsworth. New York, McGraw-Hill [1972]. [48] p., 22 cm. Summary Note: A collection of poems reflecting the activities of city children. TR681.C5 K66 1972

Kruckenhauser, S. (Stefan). Snow Canvas: Ski, Men and Mountains with the Leica. Edited by Kurt Peter Karfeld. Berlin : H. Elsner, c1937. 32 p. , 88 plates, 27 cm. Rare TR821 .K78 1937

Kuruhashi, Tadashi. Tadanori Yokoo:  Shoot Diary, 1970-1980. [Japan] : Xaravel, c1981. 1 v. (unpaged), 21 cm. Rare TR179 .Y65 1981

Leen, Nina. Sandikins. 1st ed. New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, c1975. [32] p., 24 cm. TR679.5 .L44 1975  Summary Note: Text and photographs follow the adventures of imaginary seashore creatures made from the egg cases of the skate fish.

Lewitt, Sol. Autobiography. New York : Multiples ; Boston : L. and M.K. Torf, 1980. [127] p., 26 x 26 cm. Rare TR179 .L48 1980  “Photographic catalogue of every object in the artist’s living and working space in New York City”–Dust jacket.

Magnani, Francesca. Ogni Sette Anni. Includes essay, Blood is their argument / by Marino Niola; Italian text in book, English translation on loose sheet.Napoli: F. Mangani, 2004. [92] p., 11X16 cm. Rare TR179.5 .M34 2004 General note: A story made of words and images about a ritual that takes place in the small town of Guardia Sanframondi in which every 7 years the entire population of the village honors the Madonna Assunta with a parade of flagellants and self-beaters, in a sort of collective mea culpa, a sacred representation that involves every single citizen.

Mangurian, David. Lito the Shoeshine Boy. by Lito Chirinos as told to and translated by David Mangurian. New York : Four Winds Press, [1975]. [64] p., 19 x 28 cm. Summary Note: An eleven-year-old shoeshine boy in Honduras tells about his daily life. TR681.C5 .M36 1975

Marker, Chris. La Jete: Cine-Roman. 1st ed. New York : Zone Books ; Cambridge, Mass. : Distributed by MIT Press, c1992. 1 v. (unpaged), 20 x 25 cm. TR592. M37 1992

Mather, Helen. Clotheslines US.A. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday [1969] [91] p.,19 cm. TR654 .M37 1969

McMillan, Bruce. Finestkind O’Day: Lobstering in Maine / by Bruce McMillan. Philadelphia : Lippincott, c1977. 48 p., 23 x 24 cm. TR820.5.U6 .M35 1977

Michals, Duane. Sleep and Dream. New York, N.Y. : Lustrum Press, c1984. 64 p., 21 cm. TR654 .M53 1984

Mr. Salesman: A Book. Edited by Diane Keaton. 1st edition. Santa Fe: Twin Palms, 1993. 1 v. (unpaged), 18 X 24cm. TR681 .S2 .K43 1993

Ruscha, Edward. Crackers. [Hollywood, Calif., Heavy Industries, c1969] 1v., 23cm. Rare TR679.5 .R87 1969 Photographs by Ed Ruscha, Ken Price, and Joe Goode illustrating Mason Williams’ 1967 short story “How to Derive the Maximum Enjoyment from Crackers” (the text of the story is printed on the back dust jacket flap).

Ruscha, Edward, Mason Williams and Patrick Blackwell. Royal Road Test. [New York: George Wittenborn, 1967]. [53] p., 25cm Rare TR654 .R87 1967

Sanguinetti, Alessandra. Las aventuras de Guille y Belinda y el enigmatico significado de sus Suenos. Prologue by Maria Sonia Cristoff .1st ed. Buenos Aires : Dilan Editores, 2008. 66 [3] p., 20 x 24 cm.

Shanks, Ann Zane. About garbage and stuff. [1st ed.] New York: Viking Press [1973]. [40] p., 23 x 29 cm. TR820.5 .S43 1973

Singh, Dayanita. Myself Mona Ahmed.  E-mail letters by Mona Ahmed, photographs and introduction by Dayanita Singh. Zurich & New York: Scalo, 2001. 158 p., 20 cm. TR820.5.I4 .D39 2001

Stavast, Petra. Libero. Arnhem: Roma, 2009. 200 p., 25cm. Edition of 750. TR179.5 .S72 .L53 2009. Summary note: In an abandoned house in Calabria (Italy), Stavast found old pictures and letters. She started to search for the people on these pictures and reconstructed the story behind the images.

Steichen, Edward. The Blue Ghost;  a photographic log and personal narrative of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington in combat operation.  1st ed. New York, Harcourt, Brace 1947. vii, 149 p., 27 cm. Rare TR820.6 S74 1947

Stromdahl, Monica. Trans-Mongolian Railway. [Oslo: Monica Stromdahl], 2007. 1 v. (unpaged), 16 x 22 cm. Rare TR179.5 .S77 2007

Taninokuchi, Sayaka. Photographers: Curtis Hamilton, Daido Moriyama at Luhring Augustine Gallery, 2.12.2010. New York: Sayaka Taninokuchi, [12] p., 21cm. TR179.5 .T361 .P64 2010 “This is a documentation of two photographers, Curtis Hamilton and Daido Moriyama. Hamilton was commissioned to make a portrait of Moriyama by Art Asia Pacific magazine. The shoot took place on February 12, 2010 at Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York where Moriyama’s solo exhibition, Hawaii was on view.”

Taylor, David. Working the Line. Text by Luis Alberto Urrea and Hannah Frieser. New York: Radius Books, 2010. 2 vol., 27 x 30 cm. TR820.5.M58 .T391 2010 General Note: David Taylor examines the contentious territory that is the U.S./Mexico border is organized around a series of approximately 260 obelisks that demarcate this boundary, and which were installed in the late 1880s.

Towell, Larry. Burning Cadillacs. Windsor, Ontario: Black Moss Press, [1983]. [108] p., 18X23cm. TR820.5 .I4 .T69 1983

Ugarte Bedwell, Alejandra. Re:…Y…donde estan los libros?: Fragment of a conversation with my father using our personal libraries. New York: Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell, 2010. 1 sheet folded into glassine sleeve, 64X96cm. TR179.5 .U331 .R49 2010 The title “Re:…So…Where are the books?” refers to her e-mail exchanges with her father that are illustrated by page scans from books they each own.

United Press International. Four days;  the historical record of the death of President Kennedy, compiled by United Press International and American heritage magazine. [New York] American Heritage Pub. Co., 1964. 143 p., 29 cm. TR820 .U55 1964

VanDenderen, Ad. Go No Go: Frontiers of Europe. Edam: Paradox, 2003. 250 p., 27 cm. TR820 .D44 2003 The formula is simple: a family sells all possessions in order to enable one young man to make it to the West. The numbers of people effected, either the youth sent ‘ahead’ or the families left behind, are staggering and the extent to which people are willing to risk life and limb is heart-wrenching. Ad van Denderen has been photographing this contemporary displacement for over 15 years, since witnessing it firsthand while on assignment in eastern Turkey.

Victor, Thomas. The Making of a Dance: Mikhail Baryshnikov and Carla Fracci in Medea. Choreographed by John Butler, photographed and edited by Thomas Victor, with an introduction by Clive Barnes. 1st ed. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, c1976. 150 p., 22X28 cm. TR817.5 .V53 1976

Wessels, Mariken. Elisabeth – I want to eat. [Amsterdam]: Alauda Publications, 2010. 80 p., 33cm, edition of 150. Rare TR179.5.W47 E45 2009 A book that consists of a collection of anonymous photographs, letters and postcards belonging to a young woman, which the artist stumbled upon in a shop in the Hendrik Jacobszstraat in Amsterdam. A story gradually emerges through them.

Wright, Dare.  Rare The Little One. London : Oldbourne Book Co., 1961. 56 p., 32 cm. TR656.5 .W75 1959 Persis is released from an old house by an inquisitive turtle, and goes around discovering the natural world. Dare Wright was renowned for the books she made about another doll, Edith and her bear family.

Ylla. Here’s Jellybean Reilly. Story by Crosby Bonsall, planned by Charles Rado, and designed by Luc Bouchage. New York: Harper & Row, 1966. 1 v., 29 cm. TR729.c4 .Y44 1966

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