How to Know When You have Become a Successful Artist

This is a chart to assist an emerging artist with identifying whether they are hitting their mark or not.

It surfaced in a pile of donated clippings some years ago and was greeted with much hilarity by the artists who work in the library and use it.

If anyone knows the author of this, we would love to hear. It is a marvel. I am still waiting for the offers to teach workshops in Tahiti and Paris…

2 thoughts on “How to Know When You have Become a Successful Artist”

  1. It’s a great idea to post this and helpful for emerging photographers to set goals.

    If you folks have the chance to get to Munich, don’t forget to visit the exhibition with images by Eve Arnold at Bayerische Versicherungskammer. There are some great photographs which reveal the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Eve Arnold.

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