Machiel Botman & the Library Committee

Machiel Botman at the Gitterman Gallery

Library Committee Meeting,
January 31 | Tuesday | 6:30 – 8:00pm

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The evening of January 31st saw the ICP Library Committee visit the Gitterman Gallery for an evening discussion with the celebrated Dutch artist Machiel Botman. Evan Mirapaul, Buzz Hartshorn and Deirdre Donohue introduced the evening as the audience sat and listened to the erudite and brilliant artist, curator, and photobook maker Machiel speak about his influences and practices. Botman was accompanied by his long-time friend and graphic designer as he charmed this exclusive audience with tales of his early days hanging with the Beach Boys in Holland and LA and also a thorough and thoughtful exploration of his creative process.  On display this evening along with the best of Botman’s books and photographs were some truly gorgeous book dummies that he has made over the past 30 years or so.

The ICP library and archives would like to thank the Gitterman Gallery and Machiel Botman for their donation of Machiel Botman books and for providing such a warm venue and enchanting reception.

Heartbeat / Machiel Botman.
R TR140 .B684 1994

Rainchild / Machiel Botman.
R TR140 .B684 2004

One tree / Machiel Botman.
R TR140.B684 2011

Photographs courtesy of Jeff Gutterman, Phil Block and me.

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