Conveyor Magazine’s second issue, Mapping.

A few nights ago, I saw the first proofs of Conveyor Magazine’s second issue, Mapping.

Conveyor Magazine is a semi-annual publication with a great mix of emerging and established artists and writers. The inaugural issue, themed Curiosities, released earlier this year was coupled with an exhibition and launch party at 25CPW, an ICP alumni artist-run exhibition space in Manhattan. The exhibition was only on view for a few days, but included engaging events like a conversation between psychoanalyst Mark Stafford and Penelope Umbrico, as well as a guest critique with Amy Stein.

This week Conveyor will launch the new issue with an accompanying group exhibition One if by Wanderlust at 25CPW (25 Central Park West) on Friday November 18th from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. The exhibition will include 14 artists featured in the Mapping Issue including the ICP Library’s own Deirdre Donohue!

More about Conveyor Magazine:

Support their ICP recommended Kickstarter Project:

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