Baby Sports Illustrated

Here is a miniature “book” found in the library [2 by 3 inches] – a promotion/prospectus for potential advertisers, giving some sense of what this new magazine, Sports Illustrated, would be like.

What it looks like it will be like is a lot of saturated color photographs, which makes this little treasure like an artist’s book [or zine?] more than advertising ephemera.

Nerdy library trivia to give you some context: Sports Illustrated started with August 16, 1954 and [after issuing about 53 issues per year] it is still plugging along. According to Worldcat, the world’s largest largest cooperative catalog, 5,773 libraries carry it. In the 1970’s, the grade-school library in Central New York my mother was librarian of requested that she not have the swimsuit issue available on the open shelves.

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2 Responses to Baby Sports Illustrated

  1. Michael says:

    I’m pretty sure you can still have the Swimsuit issue be withheld from delivery if you are opposed to it.

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