ICP Library Committee at the Adam Fuss Studio

ICP Library Committee #30
Monday, October 17 2011
Adam Fuss Studio

Adam Fuss, The Space Between Garden and Eve, 2011. Daguerreotype, 23 1/2 x 38″

On Monday night the library committee of the ICP library were the privileged guests of the extraordinary artist Adam Fuss. At this amazing event, Adam graciously spoke to us about his work in the intimate setting of his own studio where his work is created, sharing details of the technical aspects of his work and the complexity of the processes involved. He also discussed his deep love of photobooks and the profound meanings contained within his work.

Privileged Library Committee members saw some of Adam’s most exceptional work which adorns his studio walls. They also saw the delightful artistic mappings of his projects and ideas under the post-it titles of ‘skulls’, ‘pussy ++’, ‘Shiso vase’, ‘Islamic text’, ‘pussy other’, etc. which were rather reminiscent of fluxus poetry. It was a wonderful evening in the company of a true photographic visionary.

Library committee members were also allowed access to the studio snakes. . . Nobody was bitten, but everybody was smitten with Adam Fuss.

Adam Fuss talks Snakes and Ladders to a captive audience.

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At this event Adam donated two of his books to the ICP Library. Including the amazing book All a book which Adam produced in India in 2007. This book consists of reproductions of daguerreotypes depicting skulls, interleaved with tissue paper leaves containing a single word printed in iridescent silver. Three leaves printed on both sides. The texts were taken from Gravestone rubbings (from the Calcutta Park Street Cemetery 1771). The cover is stamped in silver holographic foil on a white hand-made paper jacket and was produced in a signed and numbered edition of 333. This book is simply beautiful. TR179.5.F87 .A44 2007

For those folks out there who missed this great event and would like more information about the books of Adam Fuss please search the library catalog online or come by and visit the ICP library.

Sometimes a mattress is just a mattress.  2011. Not a Daguerreotype (model missing, replaced by Library Committee baggage).

The ICP Library Committee turns 30

photographs of the event by Jeff Gutterman and me (Matthew Carson).

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