Why M&M?

Many ask “Why is this blog called Monsters and Madonnas?”

It took us quite a while to settle on a title for the ICP Library blog. Our colleagues named the first ICP blog after a photograph in our museum collection “Fans in a Flasbulb,” and so we scoured the shelves looking for an inspiring title. FINALLY, snap-crackle-pop “Many are Called” seemed the best idea yet. That title was taken, so this was first runner up.

William Mortensen’s book is in our rare book cupboard today, but was originally $4.

It is a winning combination of the kind of rich gravure printing that photo book lovers delight in, and the kind of useful information passed along by a master of the art of photography our photography students pore over.

Furthermore, the catchy title seems to evoke the exceptional breadth of our library’s holdings, as well as the sense of wonder that our patrons have in our open stacks, each with their own custom set of preferences. It is particularly gratifying for this librarian when they experience a serendipitous turn-around…came in looking for monsters, stumbled upon madonnas, or the reverse.

The archives of William Mortensen are at the Center for Creative Photography in Tuscon:


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