Colophon Fun

Colophon: a statement occurring at the rear of a volume following the text, relating information about the printing history and physical aspects of the book; often includes name of printer, type of paper, typeface, size of edition, date of printing, etc. Early books often had a colophon instead of a title page imprint and modern private press or other examples of fine printing often use a colophon.

The colophon is an essential piece of metadata for bibliographic folks.  It is quite wonderful that books [as data] quite often come with their own data about their data.

This is my favourite colophon.

I always meant to write a review of this wonderful volume by John Gossage and interview John for the blog and quite simply I never got around to it. I think now that the time and opportunity may well have moved on.  Ho-Hum.

Thirty Two inch Ruler is a great photobook which Gerry Badger described as being  a “twofer”  Babylon as being a poem and 32 inch ruler as a novel.  Two books in one – a “twofer” –and  John Gossage will graciously sign both books if you happen to see him and ask him. In my opinion these books easily represent the best artistic Photobook Colophon of the last year or two, probably the most creative photobook colophon of the decade. The innovative colophon challenge has now been thrown down to publishers, designers and photobook makers everywhere.

The thirty-two inch ruler : Babylon – John Gossage.
TR820.5.U6 .G67 2010

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