Kaddu Wasswa Archive: A Visual biography

Kaddu Wassawa John is a remarkable man from Uganda – an organic farmer, a teacher, a writer/dramatist, a social worker and a political/ecological and HIV/AIDS activist – who runs a NGO Turn to Tea* from his home in Mayirikitti. This book is his life. A great visual narrative and a wonderful exploration of Archives that resonate with meaning.

The Kaddu Wasswa Archive: A Visual biography – TR140.W377.S789 2010
This book is the seventy-eight years of his life reconstructed from his personal archives by the Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens and Ugandan photographer Arthur C. Kisitu. These meticulous and amazing archives of Kaddu Wassawa John include his written work (novels, plays and essays), letters, correspondence, annotated newspaper and magazine clippings and also the photographs which he took and photographs that he collected. These archival materials are beautifully photographed (including the hands holding the materials) and are accompanied by photographs taken by Andrea Stultiens and Arthur C. Kisitu.

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A few years ago, Kaddu Wasswa was ‘discovered’ by his grandson, Photographer Arthur C. Kisitu, who was searching for his roots after his mother’s death from AIDS. Arthur introduced his friends to his newly found grandfather and it was at one such meeting that Andrea and Kaddu Wasswa met. This meeting resulted in the production of this deeply fascinating and visually stunning biography.

* the NGO Turn to Tea is about Tea and organic farming and has absolutely nothing to do with that nonsense in the USA involving very damaged people parading about with incoherent signage. Interestingly Arthur C. Kisitu has also started his own charity SHUGA (Sweet Home Uganda). So the elder as the Tea and the grandson has the sugar. A perfect cuppa.

SHUGA – http://theportraithome.com/home/?p=89

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