A Royal wedding

In Ye Olde England they are having a Royal Wedding (and no even though I was born and bred in the little olde village of London they did not send me an invitation). It seems like the folks there are all getting the day off, my guess is that it is in honour of the Royals who always have the day off.

This great party and day off will be costing the British tax payer  twenty million pounds. For the various street parties the nation shall have to provide their own sandwiches, cake and ginger beer (although some prefer cherryade) as they huddle around their telly’s and comment on Kate and how she is just right for him. But what has that got to do with photography? Well apart from all the photographers photographing the event and all the other social events up and down the land creating an immense social documentary archive of THE day it is a lesser known fact that Kate Middleclass’ Art History thesis was titled “’Angels from Heaven’: Lewis Carroll’s Photographic Interpretation of Childhood.” Wouldn’t it be great if we had a copy of her thesis in the ICP library? I am sure that it is a scintillating read (could be ghost written right?). Actually, in all honesty it is quite cool that she is interested in photography. So in honour of the wedding  – this is the best that I can do – here is a picture by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).

Xie Kitchin, 1872 (from)
Dreaming in Pictures: the photography of Lewis Carroll by Douglas R. Nickel.
TR140.C372 .N53 2002

And here is a picture of two well-known fascists jumping with joy:

The Duke & Duchess of Windsor (from)
Jump Book by  Philippe Halsman.
R TR681.F3.H35 1959

1 thought on “A Royal wedding”

  1. Feel free to have a street party in your far away land and send the British tax payers some money.
    Who are the odd couple jumping? they seem familiar.

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