The Relics of a More Recent Man – March 17th – 20th , 2011

Garret Miller
The Relics of a More Recent Man
March 17th – 20th , 2011
ICP-Bard MFA Thesis Exhibition

My eye is in the viewfinder, I am focusing on a formation of stones in the woods. I project and mirror the people who put them there. I will put the stones there too, and take with me my record to show to others. “This is what I made thousands of years ago.”

I was there. I am here now, to show you what was done. I put them there in place and time. Physically I was not there, but the elements from which I came are. The portal is also a mirror. I can step through the portal and pick up the mirror to show myself to myself in the reflection. I am on both sides, reflecting both places. This is the continuation of what we started centuries ago. If I reflect upon the past, I show myself the future; the present is only a transition and does not actually exist in representation.

We can only record the future and the past, the future is what we fantasize, and what we desire, the past is obvious. The divine geometry that created these representations will always be there for me to use as a tool, even when the physical tools have been destroyed by time. Rust and water, snow, sand, and wind, will wear away all these things, so that they can be used again as base elements. Creating a trialectic between times, I will extend learning to improve the temporal existence we inhabit.

– Garret Miller

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Garret Miller in the ICP Library

Diese Manner Sind Fehlende – Garret Miller
TR179.5.M555.D54 2010

Espirit de Corps – Garret Miller
R TR179.5.M555.E86 2010

Popy New Guinea – Garret Miller
R TR179.5.M555 .P67 2010

The Relics of a More Recent Man – Garret Miller
R TR179.5.M555 .R43 2010

Spiderwebs at Night – Katherine McLeod & Garret Miller
R TR179.5.M555 .S65 2010

I hope everyone has the good sense to read eye-to-eye:

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