Chinese Photography in Print

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Books by and about Chinese contemporary artists from the ICP Library’s holdings were selected by curator Christopher Phillips to accompany the ICP exhibition Wang Qingsong: When Worlds Collide. They will be on view from January 21 – February 28, 2011 in the Library. Please feel free to come in and thoroughly explore the books on display after you have perused ICP’s shows across the street.

Here is the selection:

Guangdong  mei shu guan.  Zhongguo ren ben: ji shi zai dang dai. Guangzhou Shi: Ling nan mei shu chu ban she, 2003.

Liu Xiaodong, Weiwei Ai, Britta Erickson and Charles Merewether. The richness of life: the personal photographs of contemporary Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong : 1984-2006. Hong Kong: Timezone 8, 2007.

Miao Xiaochun. Beijing index. S.L.: s.n., 2010. [maquette]

Miao Xiaochun, Uta Grosenick, Alexander Ochs, Gregor Jansen, Wu Hung, and Siegfried Zielinski. Miao Xiaochun. Köln: DuMont, 2010.

Rong Rong, Inri and Feng Boyi. Compound Eye: 2000-2010. China: He Xiangning Art Museum, 2010.

Wang Gongxin and Lin, Tianmiao.  Here? or there? Hong Kong: Timezone 8, 2005.

Wang Qingsong,  Follow me.  Seville: Junta de Andalucia, 2010.

Wu Hung and Rong Rong, Rong Rong’s East Village, 1993-1998. New York: Chambers Fine Art, 2003.

Zhang Dali, He Hao, Julie Walsh, and Hung Wu, Zhang Dali: a second history / Wu Hung. Chicago: Walsh Gallery, 2006.

Zhang Dali.  Zhang Dali: demolition & dialogue. Beijing: Courtyard Gallery, 1999.

Zhang Hai’er.  Fotografien aus China 1986-1989. Heidelberg: Edition Braus, 1990.

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