“Teeny Academy”

ICP Library launched an experiment on January 15. We invited the small bibliophiles we knew to come in an test drive ICP’s new Elmo overhead projector, and library’s collection of photographically-illustrated children’s books and films.

The impetus for this was a yearning to go even further at opening our arms to new audiences. When ICP started Teen Academy some years ago, we were greatly entertained and inspired by the energy and fresh insights that came into our Center. At that time, we resolved to do our part to expand audiences, as our colleagues in Teen Academy had.

On January 15, we read Dare Wright’s classic The Lonely Doll [1957], Ylla’s The Polar Bear Brothers [1960], and Carol Brown’s magnificently surreal Peter and the Twin Giants of Umptyville [1954]. Afterwards the young folks watched D.A. Pennebaker’s Daybreak Express [1953] in rapt fascination – quite a departure from the everyday midtown fare.

[all photographs by Lavonne Hall for International Center of Photography]

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