New York Art Book Fair

The ICP-Bard MFA team is appropriately going to participate in the NY Art book fair this coming weekend at P.S.1.  Over the last few years, the book form has become a more prominent player in the way we organize thoughts within our practice.  We now have enough (if not too many) publications to justify a table there.
Myself, along with Curtis Hamilton, Arielle Bier, and other MFA students and staff, will be there promoting our works.  See Curtis Hamilton’s post on the ICP-Bard MFA blog here.

Now I have to go and worry about decorating our area, after looking at the NY Art book fair website.  I havent been to the fair before, and it seems that area decorating is really a big deal.  People stick their books on sticks, or tape them to the walls, etc.  You’ll probably see us in ICP-Bard cheerleader uniforms doing high kicks and flips, juggling our books.  We are very excited.



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